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a carefully curated calendar & cumulative catalog of new york city's most interesting art exhibitions and events. hand picked by Arthur Seen & Team

just opened:

On Location
 James Rieck

Lyons Wier Gallery, 542 W24th St., NYC

The paintings in “On Location” are compositions painted from digitally composited studies of figures in grandiose landscapes. The figures are models poached from advertisements and the landscapes are classic displays of manufactured nature.. Rieck has always sifted source material from commercial advertising catalogs, but for first time, Rieck has deviated away from exclusively using commercial catalogs by introducing imagery from manufactured studio locations. - thru Apr 27

Opens June 14, 6-8p:

Phantom Hand
 Erik Schoonebeek

Jeff Bailey Gallery, 625 W27th St., NYC

Schoonebeek’s first solo exhibition in New York, featuring paintings and drawings made on found paper, old book covers and other materials. Schoonebeek is influenced by contemporary advertising images, especially those seen while driving: road signs, billboards, commercial graphics, logos and posters. Although these images and graphic symbols are designed to communicate in some way, for Schoonebeek they become enmeshed with one another and change, as he says, “into autonomous images that confront you with a blank stare”. From this source material, Schoonebeek forms his own imagery that hovers between recognizable graphic cues and amorphous narrative. - thru July 13