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Opens Tonight, July 11, 6-9p:

Halcyon Days
 Jayson Musson (aka Hennessy Youngman)

Salon 94 Bowery, 243 Bowery, NYC

Those Bill Cosby sweaters, disassembled and reconfigured into larger “paintings”.

"The thing I found most alluring about Coogi sweaters was how painterly they were. They seemingly lingered on the borders of gestural abstraction. I made the joke, "That Coogi looks like a Pollock". Over the course of the following weeks, I began collecting images of the sweaters, studying their composition. They seemed to defy the traditional logic of the textile, opting instead to appear spontaneous and created by hand rather than machine-made. Each sweater, though a manufactured object seemed to seek its own authenticity. Even the old Coogi slogan "Wearable Art" seemed to confirm the desire for each sweater to be considered an objet unique, a specialized commodity." - Jayson Musson