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Freight + Volume, 530 W24th St., NYC

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

Beyond the Rocks, as the show title, is a double- or perhaps triple-entendre. Referencing the 1922 silent film directed by Sam Wood, starring Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson (considered a “lost film” for most of the twentieth century until it was discovered in 2003 by an eccentric Dutch collector), the title also suggests going beyond the “rocks” (hard times, booze), as well as literally a journey through a rocky northern landscape. Certainly, many of these works were made at Schiele’s studio upstate, where she sequestered herself for months before the show, steeped in nature. Organic energy and sensation bristle within Schiele’s work. Her raw dissection of 60’s and 70’s pop consumerism and kitsch culture from that era are evident in her tongue-in-cheek juxtapositions. Couples with picture-perfect hair are depicted locked in carnal embrace beside a Brylcreem ad or tropical travel brochure, and against silkscreened slogans like “FAT GIRLS’ DIET” or “NEED MONEY.”

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