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Opens Tonight 7-9pm:

Amze Emmons and Kevin Haas "Distintegration and Sprawl"

Christina Ray Gallery 30 Grand St, NYC

Paintings and print-based works on paper by Philadelphia artist Amze Emmons and Washington state artist Kevin Haas. Embarking on a visual road trip, the artists explore relics of industrial cities remixed as imaginative landscapes.

Emmons and Haas arrive with the daunting question of how ruins from a post-modern/late-capitalist society could adapt to a new era of resourcefulness and sustainability. The spatial dislocation of communities resulting from weather and political disasters as well as suburban sprawl is of major concern to both artists. Abandoned terrain is reclaimed by Haas’ weblike network of street signs while Emmons finds refuge in scattered rubble and debris. Haas’ softly layered, monochromatic lithographs are calming despite their desolate depiction of towering billboards. Emmons brings a disarmingly playful and colorful vibrancy to urban wastelands.”


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